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Lost Wages

Beetlejuce Has left the building

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Lost Wages

Lost Wages

Well I have just finished 3 days in Las Vegas. Now I know what it is like to be Famous or Infamous. Maybe both. When i would enter the building I would be first stopped by people asking for photos then security would find me and tell me keep moving or leave. No makeup on casino floor. So they would try to get me to a bar or someplace ASAP. When I entered or exited my hotel I had an escort to the door or elevator. It would take some time because of all the photos I had to take along the way. The last thing I would hear is "Beetlejuce Has Left The Building." It was a pain in the ass but fun too.

Lost Wages

Lost Wages

The first night was at Moon and Ghost bar in the palms hotel. The costumes are top notch out here. Ted the bear had a beer and a bong and was 7 foot tall took first place, a 10 tall alien was second and third was a 9 foot tall monster. I guess size matters. The alien and monster must have worked there because he sucked. There was a avatar dude in the mechanical suit that should have at least made it in for the vote. O yea and me of course.

The second night was at the Rio Voodoo. The big bad wolf took first place here (He was 7 foot and looked great $3000) Avatar (man and woman $2000) was second and I took third (1 bottle of sky). I am not a gambler so my total loss was the 175 dollars I spent on my costume. I did have a good time both nights.
I wanted to try Sunday night thinking lots of my competition has left but my arms are so sore from the hammers that I can’t move at all. Now it is back to Phoenix to recover and one last chance to win my money back on Mill Ave Wed. the 31st. I don’t know if I am going out with the hammers or not. Depends on how my arms feel. Enjoy the photos.Lost Wages

Lost Wages

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We have liftoff.

Theves Have tryed to steal my happyness.

sunny 60 °F
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Well my adventure has started with a twist. The night before I was leaving someone stole my cell phone. I never leave my cell phone and the one day I forgot it in my car someone stole it. At first I was thinking I was crazy. I searched the car 3 times and the house twice. It took a good 4 hours for me to figure out other things were missing. I felt better and worse at the same time. Better because I thought I lost it. Worse because some thieve stole it. Well the day was coming when i got to China that i would have no phone. I was not ready for it to be so soon. The phone was to be my way to take pictures video, and share them. It will have to be replaced.
My flight was early and for $30 it was full. Everyone was wondering what the crazy thing I had in my hand is. I should have just traveled as BeettelJuce it would have been more fun and less questions. T.S.A. would have loved it I am sure. My first day here was uneventful. I have a few last min. thing to buy and I am ready to hit the road to Lost Wages to find my fortune. I am not a gambling man but I am betting on Beetteljuce to win BIG. I have four chances Fri, Sat, Sun, and Wed.
If you would like to join me on my adventure don't quit your job, just subscribe to my blog in the right corner of this page and come along for the adventure that is my life. This link will be posted on my timeline. I still can receive messages on Facebook but no comments. You must make comments on my blog.

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T-48 Hours and counting!

I am too excited to sleep.


Well it is 2 days till lift off. This weekend I took bettlejuce out for a test run. It was a huge success.
Now for the grand plain. I leave for Tempe, AZ on the 24th Then to Lost Wages, NV on the 26th. There is 3 costume contests
I will be entering. The largest has a $3000 first place. Wish me Luck! Then back to Tempe one more contests there on the 31st. Then it is off to New Mexico to work with my dad for a week. Home for 3 days. Then it is off on the trip of MY LIFE. If you would like to come with me you can subscribe to this blog or you can buy a ticket and come with me.

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